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Spinal Cord Injuries can be life-changing. Whether you have suffered a complete or incomplete spinal cord injury, you will be facing extensive medical treatment, temporary or permanent unemployment, physical therapy and other inconveniences. If you have suffered a spinal cord injury at work or in an accident, you need a Westchester spinal injury lawyer to help you receive the full compensation you need and protect your financial interests. To learn more or get started on our claim call and schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer today.

Stanley A. Tomkiel, IIIMatthew Tomkiel
Spine Injury
  • Prenatal and Perinatal Care Complications


    Cerebral Palsy suffered by triplets due to medical malpractice in their prenatal and perinatal care and treatment.

  • birth injury


    Verdict for child and parent for Brainstem injury with developmental delays resulting from mismanagement of shoulder dystocia during delivery of newborn.

  • Diagnostic Delay Case


    Delayed diagnosis of meningitis in toddler causing hearing loss with cochlear implants.

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Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

There are two different types of spinal cord injuries, complete and incomplete injuries. These different types vary in severity and need to be handled with its own type of attention with a Westchester spinal cord injury attorney.

Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

Incomplete Spinal Cord Injuries:

Incomplete Spinal Cord injuries are the less severe of the two types of spinal cord injuries but are the most common. These are described as injuries with some sensation or feeling with little to no movement or vice versa. Movement and coordination can be recovered after most of the types of incomplete spinal cord injuries.

Complete Spinal Cord Injuries:

Complete spinal cord injury is the most severe type of injury that results in paraplegia or tetraplegia.

Complete Paraplegia is the loss of the motor and nerve skills of your lower body including legs, bladder, bowel and sexual regions.

Complete Tetraplegia is the loss of all lower and upper body motor and nerve functions.

Protection From a Westchester Spinal Injury Lawyer

Spinal Cord Injuries can happen as a result of car accidents, slips and falls, work related incidents and construction site accidents. Whether you’re working with workers compensation insurance or are involved in a third-party law suit, Tomkiel & Tomkiel and protect your rights in your personal injury case. Let us make sure you’re receiving full and fair compensation after your accident. Contact our Westchester spinal injury attorneys today.

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