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Our offices are located for your convenience in the Vernon Hills Shopping Center on Route 22 in Scarsdale/Eastchester, across from St. John’s Riverside Hospital on North Broadway in Yonkers, and on Lexington Avenue at 41st Street near Grand Central Terminal in midtown Manhattan. We are a third generation father and son law firm in Westchester and New York City with a family tradition of working hard to obtain full, fair and just compensation for our injured clients. With over 50 years of personal injury experience, and among the highest-rated law firms in New York, we have won over $200 million in settlements for our clients with bodily injuries including:

  • Head Injuries/ Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Quadriplegia and Paraplegia
  • Neck & Back Injuries (including disc herniations and fractures)
  • Shoulder and Knee torn ligaments and meniscus injuries
  • Spinal Injuries (including nerves and spinal cord)
  • Burns and Disfigurements
  • Fractures/Broken Bones and Joints – Shoulder, Elbow Wrist, Hip, Knee, Ankle

Both Stanley Tomkiel and Matthew Tomkiel are experienced lawyers with a proven track record of success handling very serious personal injury cases. The American Society of Legal Advocates recognized Matthew Tomkiel’s work by honoring him with their 2019 Top 100 Lawyers award. As a father and son team, the practice of law is more than just a business. It is the continuation of a family tradition started by Matthew’s grandfather. We handle the cases personally and attend to the needs of each client. We understand the devastating effects a serious injury has on the victim’s personal life, work and family. Our mission is to help each client successfully navigate an often difficult and frustrating civil justice system. To us, success means full fair and just compensation for our clients.

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New York lawyers Tomkiel & Tomkiel have offices conveniently located in Manhattan, Scarsdale – Eastchester, and Yonkers in Westchester County. A third generation father and son lawfirm, our family tradition is to work hard for our clients to obtain full, fair and just compensation for New York City and Westchester accident victims.


Tomkiel & Tomkiel Handles the Entire Case For Injured Workers – Both Worker’s Comp & Third-Party Lawsuits.

Every day, people in Westchester suffer from injuries caused by the negligence of others. What is negligence? Negligence is when a corporation or individual violates the laws and safety rules that provide standards of reasonable care to govern the way people drive, manage a workplace, or maintain property.


When a corporation or individual violates these standards of care they are needlessly endangering other people. People like you and me: at work, driving on the roadways, and even at home. When a person is injured because of the negligence of another, whether because of a car accident, a defective product, an accident at work, a construction accident, or a slip and fall, the negligent party is required to fully and fairly compensate them for the harms and losses caused by their negligence.

Most people and corporations have insurance policies that cover their potential negligence. In New York for example, all motor vehicle owners are required to maintain insurance for injuries caused by the negligence of the driver.

If you are suffering from a personal injury, your focus should be on healing. However, that can be difficult if you are out of work due to disability from your injuries and worried about mounting medical bills, or if you are facing pressure to provide a statement or agree to a settlement offer. If you turn these worries over to an experienced Westchester personal injury attorney, your lawyer should handle the legal issues involved in obtaining full and fair compensation to allow you to concentrate on your recovery.


Although each case is unique, there are some common features of personal injury claims. In successful cases, the injured individual can recover money—also referred to as damages—to compensate for both their economic losses and their pain and suffering.Examples of compensation for economic losses include money for the cost of medical bills both in the past and for future medical treatment including surgery; and money to compensate for lost wages as a result of time out of work caused by disability. This can also include money for lost pension and retirement benefits. People who suffer long-term or permanent injuries can recover damages for costs to cover modifications to their home, caregiver needs, and anticipated future consequences such as reduced earning potential.

In addition to recovering money for economic losses, injured people can also recover money for pain and suffering, including emotional distress and loss of enjoyment of life. These types of harms are also known as non-economic damages, which a Westchester personal injury attorney could help to determine in any particular case.

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People and corporations are never allowed to needlessly endanger others. Drivers are not allowed to ignore red lights or stop signs. Stores and other buildings open to the public are not allowed to ignore tripping hazards or slippery conditions such as snow and ice. General contractors and construction site operators are not allowed to provide defective ladders, scaffolds, or other safety equipment to construction workers.

When a corporation or person is negligent, that party is required to compensate the injured person for the damages caused by the negligence. However, that liability may be reduced or

eliminated if the harmed individual was also negligent. If the injured person is partly at fault for causing the accident, then the amount of damages they can collect is reduced in proportion to their comparative amount of fault.

In some cases, there may be more than one party responsible for causing the same injuries. In a car accident, both drivers may be negligent, and the injured passenger could have a claim against both. Also, parties may be vicariously liable for the actions of another. Employers are responsible for the negligence of their employees who are acting in the course of their employment. For example, the corporation that operates a retail store is responsible for the negligence of its employee who failed to clean up a slippery condition on the floor.

Tomkiel & Tomkiel Represents New York’s Construction Workers

Proving negligence in a personal injury case can be a complicated process. An experienced Westchester personal injury lawyer who understands how local courts have acted in cases like yours could evaluate your situation and help you pursue compensation for your damages.

Your attorney should advocate aggressively on your behalf not only in the courtroom, but in every negotiation throughout the personal injury process. If you are suffering the effects of an injury that could have been prevented, call the Westchester personal injury lawyers at Tomkiel & Tomkiel today for a free consultation to learn what options you have.

The “Eddie” Eyyad Almargi Pedestrian Awareness Scholarship

Tomkiel & Tomkiel are proud to announce The “Eddie” Eyyad Almargi Pedestrian Awareness Scholarship in honor of “Eddie” Eyyad Almargi. In order to improve the safety standards and the relationship between vehicles on the road and pedestrians crossing the street, we will be awarding $1,000 to a student who provides a comprehensive essay detailing precautionary measures that pedestrians can take to enhance their safety while crossing the street. For more information on this scholarship opportunity, please visit our scholarship page.


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