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Case Results

  • Prenatal and Perinatal Care Complications


    Cerebral Palsy suffered by triplets due to medical malpractice in their prenatal and perinatal care and treatment.

  • birth injury


    Verdict for child and parent for Brainstem injury with developmental delays resulting from mismanagement of shoulder dystocia during delivery of newborn.

  • Diagnostic Delay Case


    Delayed diagnosis of meningitis in toddler causing hearing loss with cochlear implants.

  • Fall: Brain & Spine Injuries


    Worker fell from ladder suffering brain and back injuries.

  • Electric Shock, Fall: Spine Injuries


    Worker installing dropped ceiling in office suffered electric shock and fell from A-frame ladder causing severe spinal and neurological injuries.

  • Roof Fall: Fractures, Injuries


    Carpenter fell off shanty roof, with fractures of leg & arm, and neck & back injuries.

  • Heel Fracture: Scaffold Tip-Over


    Marble mechanic fell off tipping Baker scaffold suffering badly fractured heel bone.

  • Roof Fall: Fractures


    Carpenter fell through roof suffering fractures of hip and arm

  • Scaffold Fall: Hand Fracture


    Laborer fell from scaffold suffering severe arm fracture

  • Staircase Collapse: Spinal Injury


    Mason foreman suffered back injury when stairway collapsed at construction site

  • Oil Truck Back Injury


    Oil truck driver fell from top of truck while loading fuel at depot suffering serious back injury.

  • Bookstore Slip & Fall (Knee)


    Bookstore manager slipped and fell on carpet cleaner fluid re-injuring knee, with resulting total knee replacement and complex regional pain syndrome

  • Student Assaulted (Vision Loss)


    Student suffered loss of almost all vision in one eye due to assault by classmate as a result of negligent supervision by teacher

  • Missed Prostate Cancer


    Failure to diagnose prostate cancer in middle-aged man.

  • Falling Debris Injury


    Pedestrian struck on head by piece of steel trim that fell from building facade.

  • Carpenter Disc Injury


    Carpenter fell through open floor beams with lumbar disc injuries.

  • 9/11 Window Washer (Pro Bono)


    Window Washer blown through glass doors in World Trade Center 9/11 Attack, suffering hand and back injuries- case handled pro bono (no fee) as part of Trial Lawyers Care volunteer attorneys program for WTC victims.

  • Scaffold Head Injury


    Laborer fell from scaffold at construction site suffering head injury.

  • Refueling Burn Injury


    Heavy equipment operator suffered serious burns when explosion occurred during refueling of machine.

  • Electrician Ladder Fall


    Electrician fell from ladder at a construction site suffering back injury

  • Bricklayer Scaffold Fall (Genital Injury)


    Bricklayer slipped off scaffold suffering straddle injury to his genitals.

  • Tree Cutting Injury (Neighbor Helping)


    Neighbor helping homeowner cut down a tree suffered serious arm injury when caught in rope

  • Trucker Back Injury (Tractor-Trailer)


    Trucker suffered low back injury in Tractor-Trailer Accident

  • Home Depot: Broken Arms (Defective Ladder)


    Home Depot manager suffered two broken arms when he fell from platform ladder – defective product liability case against ladder manufacturer.

  • Bus Operator Back Injury (Parking Lot Fall)


    Bus operator fell on rubble in parking lot suffering serious back injury

  • Laborer Scaffold Fall (Low Back)


    Laborer fell from scaffold, injured low back

  • Billboard Worker Hand Injury (Panel Crush)


    Billboard worker suffered TFCC tear and metacarpal fractures when panel crushed hand

  • Pedestrian Struck by Car (Leg Fracture)


    Elderly man struck by automobile suffering severe leg fracture

  • HVAC Mechanic Hand Laceration (Construction Accident)


    HVAC mechanic suffered severe laceration of hand with nerve damage when compressor fell while being hoisted at construction site due to failure to supply ropes

  • Passenger Back Injury (Truck Crash)


    Passenger in truck suffered low back injury in crash

  • Laborer Stair Fall (Low Back)


    Laborer fell down stairs at construction site, suffered low back injury

  • Laborer Struck by Explosion (Broken Jaw)


    Laborer struck in face by exploding pressurized canister suffering broken jaw

  • Falling Wood at Work (Head & Neck)


    Laborer struck on head by falling wood at construction site suffering head and neck injuries

  • Roofer Fall (Fractured Heel)


    Roofer fell from low roof suffering fractured heel

  • Laborer Struck by Plank (Low Back)


    Laborer struck by falling plank at construction site, low back injury

  • Cable Wiring Fall (Low Back)


    Tenant fell on cable company wiring debris in hallway, injured low back

  • Carpenter Ladder Fall (Shoulder & Knee)


    Carpenter fell from ladder, suffered shoulder and knee injuries

  • Laborer Ladder Fall (Hip & Shoulder)


    Laborer fell from ladder, suffered hip and shoulder injuries

  • HVAC Mechanic Platform Fall (Head Injury)


    HVAC mechanic fell from platform, suffered head injury

  • Bus Driver Back Injury (Accident)


    Bus driver suffered back injury in motor vehicle accident

  • House Guest Stair Fall (Facial Injuries)


    Visitor to house fell down stairs suffering split lips and loss of tooth, with extensive dental treatment needed

  • Car Accident (Leg & Spine Fractures)


    Motorist struck by oncoming van, suffered leg and spinal fractures

  • Fireman: Heart Ailment (Chlorine Exposure)


    Fireman exposed to chlorine gas developed heart ailment

  • Pedestrian Struck by Car (Fractured Ankle)


    Pedestrian struck by car suffered fractured ankle

  • Hospital Elevator Malfunction (Shoulder Injury)


    Hospital orderly suffered shoulder injury when elevator malfunctioned

  • Tenant Stair Fall (Leg Fracture)


    Tenant fell down stairs, fractured leg

  • Truck Driver Fall (Fractured Arm)


    Truck driver fell from dump truck at construction site, fractured arm

  • Dog Walker Slip & Fall (Fractured Ankle)


    Man walking dog slipped on ice, fractured ankle

  • Supermarket Slip & Fall (Back Injury)


    Shopper slipped in supermarket, suffered back injury

  • Icy Sidewalk Fall (Fractured Ankle)


    Pedestrian slipped on icy sidewalk, fractured ankle

  • Sidewalk Trip (Shoulder Dislocation)


    Pedestrian tripped on sidewalk defect, dislocated shoulder

  • School Bus Accident (Low Back Injury)


    Student passenger in school bus accident suffered low back injury