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Stay Safe on Wet Leaf-Covered Roads with These Driving Tips



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Car wheel on the ground covered with fallen autumn leaves

Be careful of getting hit during this season. Stay safe when driving on roads covered with wet leaves, it’s essential to exercise caution, reduce speed, and maintain a safe following distance. Additionally, avoid sudden or sharp movements, and use gentle braking and steering inputs to minimize the risk of losing control on the slippery surface leaves can pose a danger when driving for several reasons:

Reduced Traction: Wet leaves on the road can create a slippery surface, reducing traction between your tires and the road. This can lead to difficulty in maintaining control of your vehicle, especially during turns, stops, or accelerations.

Decreased Visibility: Wet leaves can also obscure road markings and other important visual cues on the road, reducing visibility for drivers. This can make it harder to see potential hazards or changes in the road conditions.

Potential for Skidding: Wet leaves can become packed together, forming a slick and slippery surface. This can increase the likelihood of skidding, which can be especially dangerous on curves or when sudden maneuvers are required.

Difficulty in Maneuvering: Wet leaves can make it challenging to maneuver a vehicle, especially in situations that require precise control.

Stay Safe on Wet Leaf-Covered Roads with These Driving Tips


Matthew Tomkiel is a third-generation attorney. His grandfather and father have represented injured workers since the 1970’s. Matthew has continued the family profession since 2003.

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