Every year, car accidents continue to be one of the most frequent causes of death and serious injuries in Yonkers, New York. While engineers and lawmakers alike have worked to improve the safety of vehicles, the roads remain potentially dangerous places for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. The danger may all too often result in serious injury.

If you are injured in an automobile collision, it may be critical to have a thorough medical examination to ensure that no injuries go undetected. It could be difficult to focus on physical recovery when you are facing worries about increased medical bills and lost wages due to missed work. The added pressure insurance companies could place on you to make a statement or accept a settlement may be overwhelming.

Consulting a seasoned Yonkers car accident lawyer should help you find out whether you may be entitled to a damage award to cover expenses as well as compensation for pain and suffering caused by the accident. A dedicated personal attorney at Tomkiel & Tomkiel may also be able to tell you how to protect your rights and avoid mistakes that could compromise your claim.

Many Causes Could Contribute to an Automobile Crash

An accident may be traced to several different factors happening around the same time, and more than one party may be responsible for the crash. Those injured in automobile accidents may have multiple potential claims against more than one entity, which may include:

  • Other drivers who failed to exercise due care while driving
  • The manufacturer of the car or any of its components if they failed to perform as expected
  • Service or repair shops who worked on the car
  • Government agencies who allowed the road condition to deteriorate
  • The owner of a business or parking lot with a hazardous condition

Settling with the Insurance Company vs. Jury Trial

Car insurance companies typically handle thousands upon thousands of car collision claims a year. If you were in a car crash, the insurance company will evaluate the car accident claim by weighing the settlement payment against the risk of going to trial. They evaluate claims by considering what would be the least expensive option for them.

An insurance company might do anything to persuade a jury that their driver was not at fault or the injured person is not seriously injured to devalue a potential monetary award. The insurance company will be focused on trying to shift the blame as much as possible to make you look responsible.

The injured person in a car accident may either choose to present their case in front of a jury or settle out of court. It may be important to work with a Yonkers car accident lawyer who should help you in making the right decision after a wreck.

Available Compensation in Yonkers

Insurance laws and the complexity of insurance policies may affect how much you may be able to recover after a car crash. Insurance companies are reluctant to offer maximum compensation, so before accepting an offer consult with a car accident lawyer in Yonkers who should help evaluate the extent of the harm suffered and determine whether an offer of compensation is reasonable.

A person who was hurt in a car crash may be entitled to recover compensation for medical bills for minor or even catastrophic injuries, lost wages, loss of future income potential, and the cost of vehicle repairs. They may also be eligible to recover for non-economic losses such as pain and suffering as well.

Help from a Yonkers Car Accident Attorney

After a car accident, you need to focus on your health. Let an experienced attorney from Tomkiel & Tomkiel handle any insurance issues and evaluate whether you have a legal claim that may entitle you to considerable compensation. Call today for a free consultation to learn how a Yonkers car accident lawyer should help put you on the road to recovery.

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