A skilled Westchester attorney can be an indispensable asset to your slip and fall case. The experience and knowledge that they bring to the table are invaluable and could be the difference in receiving maximum compensation.


Following an accident, a seasoned slip and fall lawyer should help gather evidence by interviewing witnesses, taking photos, obtaining the deeds, determining the defendant, and gathering medical records.  They can then contact the insurance company for the defendant and attempt to negotiate a settlement of the claim. If the two parties cannot reach a settlement, the lawyer will litigate the claim, conduct depositions of witnesses, and argue a case at trial. The benefit of working with Tomkiel & Tomkiel is that our firm has an established plan, strategy, and method of obtaining full, fair, and just compensation. Our firm has the resources necessary to dedicate more personnel to your case. Call today to learn more about the role of a Westchester slip and fall attorney and how we could help you recover damages.


Establishing Responsibility in a Slip and Fall Case


Establishing negligence is essential when filing a slip and fall claim. To do this, one must obtain all critical evidence. The most critical information to collect at the scene of a slip and fall accident is photos of the dangerous condition and if possible, an accident report and witness information to establish how that accident happened. Witness testimony can corroborate the injured person’s account of what happened. A witness can also establish whether dangerous condition had existed for an unreasonably long period of time. For example, with broken steps, there may be witnesses who can show how long the steps have been broken. Defendants in Westchester slip and fall cases tend to be commercial landowners, mercantile establishments, and other places that are open to the public.


Benefits of Obtaining an Experienced Lawyer


The role of a Westchester slip and fall attorney is to protect the claims of those who are seriously injured through the negligence of others. Our firm is established, highly ethical, local, and has a proven track record. Insurance companies will try to minimize the amount of damages they have to pay to an injured person. The less money they pay out, the higher their profits. Tomkiel & Tomkiel know the methods an insurance company will use. We are able to protect injured victims from the insurance industry and employ our own strategies to obtain full, fair, and just compensation for people.


Call to Learn More About the Role of a Westchester Slip and Fall Attorney


If you were injured in a slip and fall accident, you might be eligible for compensation. Our lawyers should be able to help you establish liability, file a claim within the statute of limitations, and fight for your right to recover damages. Let us take care of the legal aspects while you focus on recovering from your injuries. Call today for more information about the role of a Westchester slip and fall attorney. Let Tomkiel & Tomkiel help you.

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