Construction Accidents happen every day in the city, Westchester, and the Bronx. Falls from scaffold, tipping ladders, falling objects, and other hazards pose serious dangers to the personal safety of construction workers. When the GC and developers rush a job and compromise on safety precautions on construction sites, accidents are bound to happen. If it happened to you or a loved one, call Tomkiel & Tomkiel, local construction accident lawyers near you for a free consultation to learn how to protect your rights. We have have been protecting the interests of workers injured in construction-related accidents for three generations.

What to do Following a Construction Accident

It is very common following a construction accident for the GC and project managers to cover up what really happened where there was an OSHA violation or Labor Law violation involved. It is very important that you protect your rights for the very beginning:

  • Take photos. If you are too injured, have a co-worker do it for you. By the time the safety inspectors get there the conditions on site may be re-arranged to hide the OSHA or Labor Law violation. If that has already happened, get whatever photos that you can.
  • Get witness info. Somebody probably saw it happen. You don’t have to ask them to get involved, but find out their names and the trade they work for. Experienced construction accident lawyers, Tomkiel & Tomkiel, will do the rest.
  • Don’t sign anything before talking to a lawyer. Tomkiel & Tomkiel will provide you with a free consultation. Many times, the foreman or a site manager for the GC will fill out the accident report and ask the injured worker to sign it. The report might omit a key fact or mischaracterize the accident in a way that hides the safety violation or otherwise limits the liability of the construction project. For example, when an unsecured ladder shifts and a worker is caused to fall, the report might say the worker “slipped” off the ladder, which hides the safety violation (the unsecured ladder) and places the blame on the injured worker.
  • Beware of unethical lawyers. Very often when a construction accident happens, a union member will bring a lawyer to the hospital or show up at your home. They will tell you that the union prefers that you use their lawyer. They may even offer you money to sign with them. Sometimes they pay “paralegals” to sit in doctors’ waiting rooms to find injured construction workers. Soliciting clients in this manner is illegal and unethical. If you are seriously injured in a construction accident your injury claim may be the most important way to protect yourself and your family. Do you really want to place your family’s trust in an unethical lawyer? Tomkiel & Tomkiel is rated AV Preeminent, the highest standard of ethics and professional excellence by Martindale-Hubbell, a peer review rating system. If you are being solicited by unethical attorneys or the union is pressuring you to use their attorney, don’t worry. Call Tomkiel & Tomkiel now for a free consultation about what you can do to protect your injury claim for you and your family.

Scaffold & Ladder Accidents

The law in New York protects construction workers that have been injured from falling on a construction site.


If you have been injured from falling off a scaffold or ladder on a construction site, or because a falling object struck you, call Tomkiel & Tomkiel to learn how to protect your injury claim. Experienced construction accident attorneys will go through the details of your case and provide a plan to protect you and your family.

Crane Accidents


Part of what makes this city great is our impressive sky rises and constant growth and development. Unfortunately, construction site accidents often accompany high rise construction sites. New York City has made national news in the past for significant crane and high rise accidents involving construction workers. If you are injured on the job at a construction site while operating or in the vicinity of a crane, call Tomkiel & Tomkiel to protect your claim.

Other Ways a Westchester Construction Lawyer Can Help Protect You

There are many types of safety violations that commonly result in injuries to construction workers. If you have been injured in any of these types of construction accidents, call Tomkiel & Tomkiel for a free consultations with experienced construction accident attorneys in New York, Westchester and the Bronx:


  • Angle Grinder Injuries
  • Excavation and demolition accidents
  • Improperly maintained tools
  • Electric Shock Injuries
  • Electric Saw Injuries
  • Improperly secured materials
  • Obstructed work areas
  • Scaffolding falls
  • Ladder falls
  • Injuries caused by failure to warn workers and others of known hazards

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