If you were hurt in a head-on collision accident, you may face a difficult road to recovery. It can be hard to negotiate with insurance companies, but a Westchester head-on collision lawyer could represent you. The skilled attorneys at Tomkiel & Tomkiel have the experience needed to take on the insurance companies and recover the compensation you need.

Head-On Collision Scenarios

A head-on collision is where the front end of two vehicles hit each other. This type of accident usually occurs when one of the drivers crosses the center of the road, which is a violation of the traffic laws. Even in a passing zone, the driver who crosses the center of the road has the responsibility to do so safely and avoid hitting oncoming vehicles. Other types of head-on collisions occur when drivers disobey traffic signals or traffic control devices.

Injuries Resulting from Head-On Collisions in Westchester

Head-on collisions often result in more severe injuries than other types of accidents. In other collisions, the impact of one vehicle into another may push the other out of the way, which spreads the impact over a longer period of time. For example, in a rear-end or a T-bone type of accident, the car that is hit is pushed and absorbs some of the energy. In a head-on collision, the energy of each car is stopped immediately on impact and that usually results in more severe injuries to the occupants of the vehicles.

Determining Fault and Liability

As in any car accident case, the first thing to determine is which driver violated the rules of the road and whether the drivers had an opportunity to prevent the accident or avoid it. Fault is generally assigned by looking at those facts. One factor is who had the right of way, and the second factor is whether anything could have been done by either driver to avoid the collision.

When a driver crosses a double-yellow line, they are likely not paying attention or they are intoxicated or distracted. Most people know they are not supposed to cross a double-yellow line, so when they do, it is usually because they were not in proper control of their vehicle. A Westchester head-on collision lawyer will carefully look at the facts of a case to determine fault and liability.

Steps a Head-On Collision Lawyer Will Take

The initial steps an attorney takes in a head-on collision case in Westchester are:

  • Establishing the facts regarding the accident
  • Reviewing the police report
  • Identifying all possible insurance coverage
  • Preparing and filing the claims for the injured person
  • Notifying the necessary insurance companies of the claims before the deadlines expire

Medical Attention Following Head-On Collisions

It is extremely important to go to a doctor immediately to document injuries. Sometimes, people do not want to go to the hospital from the scene of an accident. They do not want to leave their car, they may have family members waiting at home, or they might be on their way to work. However, it is extremely important that they get medical attention as soon as possible following the accident. That way, the individual can document their injuries and get treatment.

Many people want to believe that the pain in their knee or shoulder will heal on its own. After a few days or a few weeks when the pain does not go away or gets worse, they may go to the doctor. The insurance companies can exploit any gaps or delays in medical treatment to argue that the person was not really hurt in the accident or the injuries were not as significant as the person claims. That is why it is extremely important to get medical treatment immediately.

Calling a Westchester Head-On Collision Attorney

The Westchester head-on collision lawyers at Tomkiel & Tomkiel understand the tactics insurance companies will use to take advantage of you. A determined legal advocate could work to ensure that your rights are protected. Call today to find out how we could fight for the compensation you deserve.

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