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Cement truck driver dies as vehicle crashes into home



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Cement truck driver killed after crashing into a residential home

On behalf of Tomkiel & Tomkiel posted in Car Accidents on Thursday, February 6, 2014.

The crash of a cement truck into a home in University Heights left the driver dead and injured four people who were in the building at the time. The cement truck apparently went out of control and struck the building with such force that it moved the building off its foundation.

The fact that only the driver was killed was remarkable, given that children were present and playing in the home at the time of the truck accident. The truck hit six cars after it left the Major Deegan at a high rate of speed. The truck, which from the video of the accident appeared to be a concrete pumper that is used to deliver concrete to construction sites via a long boom arm

Eyewitnesses claimed the truck driver was honking his horn and waving his arms as the truck careened off the road, sideswiped cars, crashed over the curb and smashed into the home. One witness noted that at first she felt the vibration before she heard the crash.

A woman was trapped in the home after the crash and was helped out a rear window. The FDNY used dogs to check for additional persons who may have been in the debris. The woman and children who were in the house were later described as being safe, but in shock and traumatized.

There was no word yet on the cause of the crash of the truck, but given the behavior of the driver, it could have been due to some type of mechanical failure on the truck, such as a brake failure. This could implicit the company that owns the truck and open the question whether the truck received proper maintenance.

The accident is under investigation.

Source: WABC-TV New York, “Cement truck slams into Bronx house, driver killed,” Jim Dolan, January 20, 2014

Cement truck driver dies as vehicle crashes into home


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