What should I do if an insurance company approached me about my injuries in a New York brain injury case?

Unless it’s your own insurance company for medical insurance, or some other type of your own insurance, if another insurance company contacts you, you should be on guard. Because the insurance company has its interests at heart, not yours. The reason they’re contacting you is not to help you, not to find out the truth, but to defend themselves against a possible case that you may have against them. So if an insurance adjuster or an investigator should contact you, that’s a warning flag right there. You should not provide any information. You should just say, “I’m gonna seek an attorney’s advice, and I’ll have my attorney get back to you.” But do not give any statements, because anything you say can and will be used against you in a civil case, just as you’ve probably heard that in a criminal case. So it’s important not to help the other side, because they don’t want to help you.

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