What documents should I bring with me to my personal injury lawyer consultation?

Probably the most important document is the accident report. If it’s a motor vehicle accident, the police will prepare a report. If it’s a job accident, the employer usually will prepare a report. Those are very helpful and sometimes essential to identify who the defendants are that we may sue. Additionally, photographs are very important. Photographs of the situs, the area of the accident. Photographs of the injuries suffered. Photographs of the vehicles if it’s a motor vehicle case.

It’s important, too, when you take photographs to take not just the picture of the actual two foot area that you might have tripped and fallen on, but the entire landscape so we can see landmarks to locate where this was. Same with vehicles; not just close-up on the damage, but from all angles and from distances as well. As well as pictures of the location, the streets, the intersections.

W2 forms, wage statements, medical records, insurance information cards, are also important because we’ll need to get all that information.

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