What do I need to prove to win my New York spinal injury case?

Well, you have to prove that the person you’re suing is negligent in causing the spinal injury, of course. And then, beyond that, you have to prove the nature and extent of the injury.

There’s all different kinds of spinal injuries. If we’re talking about a spinal cord compression or a impairment of the nerve roots coming out of the spine, you have to prove that with medical evidence, such as an MRI. If it was surgery, sometimes there are the need for surgeries in spinal injury cases to remove bone or to remove tissue to decompress the nerve roots.

We have to prove those things. We have to prove it with medical evidence. We have to prove it with MRIs, and it’s very involved, as you can imagine with a spinal injury. But basically, it depends on the spinal doctor, the neurosurgeon or the orthopedic surgeon who is taking care of the case to prove the nature and extent of the mechanisms of the injury and the parts of the spine that have been affected.

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