Please note that each case must be evaluated on the specific facts and evaluation of a specific case may vary from “no merit” to a multi-million dollar recovery. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. Most cases cannot be evaluated until after all medical treatments have been completed and an opinion from a physician is obtained as to the permanent consequences of the injury. Additionally, the legal liability, financial ability and/or insurance coverage of the responsible parties must be determined, as well as the comparative fault, if any, of the injured person. There are many other factors that must be considered, including the character and abilities of witnesses and evidence available to prove the case.

  • * lifetime payout of structured settlement
  • † Case handled with co-counsel Christopher Meagher, Esq.
  • ‡ Case handled with co-counsel Alan Greenberg, Esq.

Visitor to house fell down stairs suffering split lips and loss of tooth, with extensive dental treatment needed


Motorist struck by oncoming van, suffered leg and spinal fractures


Fireman exposed to chlorine gas developed heart ailment


Pedestrian struck by car suffered fractured ankle


Hospital orderly suffered shoulder injury when elevator malfunctioned


Tenant fell down stairs, fractured leg


Truck driver fell from dump truck at construction site, fractured arm


Man walking dog slipped on ice, fractured ankle


Shopper slipped in supermarket, suffered back injury


Pedestrian slipped on icy sidewalk, fractured ankle

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