crane on bridgeThe crane collapse on the Tappan Zee Bridge construction project highlights the dangers of construction work, both for the construction workers as well as members of the public passing by, in this case motorists. Thankfully it seems that no one was killed, but several injuries were reported. Governor Cuomo was quoted in the NY Daily News as saying that “sometimes accidents happen.” This sounds like a defense lawyer talking to a jury, and we suppose that the Governor is worried about having to pay money compensation to the injured workers and travelers if it turns out that the State or its contractors were negligent in causing the crane to fall onto the bridge.

We see this kind of defensive strategy employed regularly by insurance companies and their hired attorneys seeking to minimize, or even avoid altogether, their accountability to the injured victims of negligent companies. Yes, “sometimes accidents happen,” but they always happen for a reason, and when a construction crane falls onto a bridge roadway, injuring workers and motorists alike, we can confidently say that this didn’t just happen by some odd chance, but that there was negligence involved. The State and the contractors responsible were obviously not careful enough when dealing with tons of steel high in the air above a roadway. Some accidents shouldn’t “just happen. “ When they do, the negligent parties should fully compensate the injured victims for their losses.