Despite hardhats and caution signs, traumatic head injuries are extremely prevalent on construction sites.

Despite hardhats and caution signs, traumatic head injuries are extremely prevalent on construction sites.

Any time you are working in a construction site with heavy machinery or on New York high rises, brain and head injuries are a real concern. Hardhats are required to be worn at all times on a construction site but there’s only so much a hard hat can protect from a two ton beam.

Types of head injuries commonly found in construction site accidents:

  • Closed Injury: Closed head injuries are severe blows to your head that do not crack open your skull or pierce brain tissue. Closed injuries can cause swelling, bruising and could result in time off of work.
  • Open Injury: An open head injury is one that penetrates the skull. This could result in skull fractures or bleeding from your brain.
  • Concussion: When your brain has been severely shaken, like in a concussion, it can cause loss of consciousness, light headedness or severe headaches.
  • Scalp Wounds: Scalp wounds are when you have cuts, scrapes or piercing of the skin that surrounds your skull. This can cause bleeding or tissue damage.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury: TBI’s occur when a blow to the head disorders normal functions of the brain. This is commonly found in construction site accidents.

Head Injuries | Not only found on construction sites.

Head and Brain injuries do not just happen on construction sites. If you have suffered a head injury in result of an accident at work, in a car or from a slip and fall, Tomkiel & Tomkiel can represent you to get the compensation you deserve. Call us today!

Head injuries are commonly caused during a scaffold or ladder accident on construction sites. Construction workers are protected from Scaffold and Ladder accidents under the New York Law 240. Click here for more information on accidents involving scaffolds on construction sites.

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