Have you broken a bone during an accident? Are medical bills piling up while you've been out of work?

Have you broken a bone during an accident? Are medical bills piling up while you've been out of work?

When you’ve broken or fractured a bone during a work related incident, car accident or slip and fall, you could be entitled to compensation. Whether you’re working off of workers compensation or a third-party lawsuit, you could receive financial aid for medical expenses, temporary leave from work and other types of damages.

Details and medical evidence will help us win your Personal Injury case.

In broken bone and fracture personal injury cases, the exact details of the accident and the bone fractures or breaks themselves play a huge part in the compensation you receive as a result of your personal injury case.

“Hard” injuries like broken and fractured bones as a result of an accident at work or in a negligence situation will help negotiate a settlement easier.

Broken bones and fractures can happen as a result of a fall, car accident or work related incident. In any of these situations, you could be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, aid during unemployment and other unforeseen damages. Don’t wait for the bills to pile up. Call Tomkiel & Tomkiel after your accident for professional and experienced personal injury legal representation.

What can Tomkiel and Tomkiel do for you?

Tomkiel & Tomkiel will investigate the incident to the fullest to gain valuable information that will benefit your personal injury case. Any details involving the accident and the break, including medical evidence, will help us help you receive full compensation after your accident.

Our attorneys have unmatched experience working with union and construction workers that have broken bones on job sites, people that have slipped and fallen at work and those of have been seriously injured in a car or automobile related accident. We can work with your workers compensation insurance or third party claims. Either way, we are working for your to insure that you are receiving the compensation you deserve after an accident.