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Victims turn to Tomkiel & Tomkiel after train derailment accident

NEW YORK CITY – Train service from New York to Boston was back on schedule May 22, 2013 after a derailment accident in Connecticut, which injured several passengers and damaged local railroad tracks. The transportation line is one of the nation’s oldest railways, and it is heavily traveled by commuters every day. The accident has

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NY Nursing Home Inspection Reports Now Online

Making the decision to entrust the care of a loved one to a nursing home can be fraught with emotion and overwhelming concern for his or her continued well-being. As the American population ages and life expectancies increase, the need for permanent assistance to care for parents and grandparents has risen. Since more and more

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Crane collapse in Queens injured 7 construction workers

For people living in and around New York City, news of dangerous construction accidents has become unsettling commonplace. A seeming rise in the number of crane accidents, in particular, has been noted in recent years. Last month, another crane accident took place, this time on the East River waterfront in Queens, behind the landmark Pepsi

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